Vinayak Nadkarni

Soliloquy Storyteller.  Contrived IT Professional.  Dramatically Sentimental.


‘Hey! you punched me,’ shouted the tall one.

‘Huh? Probably your nose landed in front of my swimming fist,’ said the lean one and continued to swim swiftly. He was leading the swimming race. Everyone was swimming for their lives, after all.

‘But,’ screamed the beautiful, petite one, ‘Women participant should get a head start, don’t you think so?’ She had claimed the second position now, just behind the lean one.

Seeing her, the lean one increased his swimming speed and murmured, ‘Yeah, unfairness starts from here, deal with it.’

‘Wow!’ replied the petite one, ‘you are not only leading but can also talk deep!’ wagging her tail, animatedly.

‘Stop incesting,’ shouted the tall one, who was still recovering from the punch.

‘Watch out! fallopian wall!!’ screamed some of the swimmers who had given up already. They found themselves cheering for the lean one.

The lean one looked up and summoned all his energy for the one last time and rushed towards his goal.

Approximately 40 weeks later, I was born.

I was born in Hubli City of Karnataka State in India. I studied there too. I am working as an IT professional and currently live in Bangalore, India. Kindly visit my Facebook page or write me an email - info@vinayakwrites.in to get to know me more. Thank you and happy browsing.


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