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Book Title: Jab Raj Met Simran

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A true-blue romantic, Simran craves for a DDLJ-kind romance in her life. She even finds a guy named Raj, who takes her on a grand European tour. They get engaged in Paris as well. But she has a secret...she can talk to God. What does she wish for then that makes Raj jump off a building?

Welcome to Jab Raj Met Simran

Book Title: Why So Twisted

This is an anthology featuring the already popular story, “Flirting”, in which you will find a woman who nonchalantly flirts with many men, while “The Pursuit” follows a man who is destined to become a top photographer whereas “Crossing The Line” introduces you to the internal struggle of a married man who is about to hook up.

But nothing is as straight as it looks because it's not always about the first impressions!

These short stories are quick reads. Sometimes it's the protagonist's clever mind, at times it’s his kind heart, other times it's the heartless destiny or occasionally it's the writing style, which brings the fascinating metamorphosis of the plot and will lead you to ask the question, Why So Twisted?

Story Title: A Double Distraction


One of the MOST read short stories on the Juggernaut platform. This thrilling saga of one stormy night, not only shift gears rapidly but gets your heart racing too!


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A Schizophrenic patient meets a hot caretaker. A stormy night, a new flame and an unexplored barrier begging to be broken. But, who is in for a surprise? The patient, or the caretaker or, OR, you? A masterful narration, a simple plot and an unbelievable twist.


Story Title: Flirting

The BEST SELLING anthology of moving, inspirational, heartwarming or heartbreaking, love stories shortlisted in a nationwide contest by Penguin India! Love only a four letter word, yet it's so powerful that it can conquer anything in this world!

Vinayak Nadkarni is the author of the story FLIRTING from the book LOVE STORIES THAT TOUCHED MY HEART edited by RAVINDER SINGH and published by PENGUIN PUBLISHERS in the year 2012.

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