Released in August 2017

Released in December 2012

Why So Twisted is an anthology of 12 contemporary short stories which carry simple and enjoyable themes, but which all have an innate ability to excite and surprise the reader with the unpredictability of their ending.


This anthology features the already popular story, “Flirting”, in which you will find a woman who nonchalantly flirts with many men, while “The Pursuit” follows a man who is destined to become a top photographer whereas “Crossing The Line” introduces you to the internal struggle of a married man who is about to hook up.


But nothing is as straight as it looks because it's not always about the first impressions!


These short stories are quick reads. Sometimes it's the protagonist's clever mind, at times it’s his kind heart, other times it's the heartless destiny or occasionally it's the writing style, which brings the fascinating metamorphosis of the plot and will lead you to ask the question, Why So Twisted?



An anthology of moving, inspirational, heartwarming or heartbreaking, love stories shortlisted in a nation wide contest by Penguin India! Love only a four letter word, yet its so powerful that it can conquer anything in this world!


Vinayak Nadkarni is the author of the story FLIRTING from the book LOVE STORIES THAT TOUCHED MY HEART edited by RAVINDER SINGH and published by PENGUIN PUBLISHERS in the year 2012.




Vinayak Nadkarni's first full length novel will hit the stores in January 2018.


He will be exploring the romance genre in this novel, with an interesting backdrop of democracy, paid media and imaginative journalism.


Stay tuned for more details.




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